A database of accidental marine pollution research programs and program outputs.
The database comprises the R&D programs accomplished or launched by eight AMPERA ERA-net partner countries from 1990 to 2009. The databank was originally composed on the basis of the results of a special questionnaire fulfilled in 2006 by all AMPERA partners and upgraded latest in 2009.
The purpose of the database is to facilitate the access to knowledge, technology and experience on accidental marine pollution.
The information is populated in the database for a total 14 fields with its corresponding categories for the eight countries that were AMPERA partners. About 4,700 entries have been included in the database. Browse through subjects or use the search tools to search the directory.
AMPERA network was established to provide a platform where governmental policy makers and scientists could meet to discuss many aspects of accidental marine pollution, and to provide guidance to implement EU-wide measures as required.
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